BST-2010A 10A Portable Short Killer Detector

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Portable burn-in artefact, Easy to carry
Adjustable gear, (four gears adjustable)
10A high current
Quick lock
Long standby
Three-digit display
Widely used

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  • Portable burn-in artefact, Adjustable gear / Easy to carry / 10A high current
  • Four gears adjustable / Quick lock / Long standby
  • Three-digit display / Easy to carry / Widely used
  • This product can quickly detect the short circuit fault of the mobile phone circuit board, and the four-speed voltage can be adjusted to meet the working needs
  • Rechargeable design, simple design, compact, and easy to carry
  • Four voltages are adjustable: 1.2V/1.8V/3.0V/3.8V, in line with the mobile phone industry-standard operating voltage, safe and reliable
  • Type-C Android charging interface, 5V DC fast charging
  • Quickly lock short-circuit faults in one step and can be used to detect various brands of mobile phone circuit boards, motherboards, and other electronic products



  • Product Name: Portable Burning Machine Artifact
  • Product model: BST-2010A
  • Battery capacity: 2000mah
  • Instantaneous output current: 5A~10A
  • Voltage gear: 1.2V/1.8V/3.0V/3.8V
  • Host net weight: 160g
  • Product size: 104*25*64mm
  • Charging port: Type-C


Package includes:

1x Short killer detector,
2x Test line


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