EFT Pro Tool Without Dongle

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EFT Pro Tool Activation
Standalone tool for servicing Samsung and Huawei phones.
No dongle is required!
Activation Processed Time: 2/8 hours
IMPORTANT: Before purchasing this product, you need to register your EFT account

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EFT Pro Tool Activation is a standalone tool for servicing SAMSUNG and HUAWEI phones.
No dongle is required!









Purchase of this virtual product is generally processed within 2/8 hours after we received your payment.
This activation is valid for one year!

Please note:
Before purchasing this product, you need to register your EFT account

Download the program and install it, when the program window is open, choose “Account” and register
tell us the email you used to register EFT without dongle to allow us to activate















ADB Mode
Backup contacts (ADB)
Backup data (ADB)
Dump ROM (ADB Root)
Enable Hidden Languages (ADB Root)
Read Info (ADB)
Reboot (ADB)
Remove ScreenLock (ADB ROOT)
Remove ScreenLock (ADB)
Remove Security Log Notification (ADB ROOT)
Remove Security Log Notification (ADB)
Reset FRP (ADB)
Restore data (ADB)
Install APKs (ADB)
Remove apps (ADB)
Setup MoreLocale (ADB)
Flash Firmware (Download Mode)
Flash multi images (Download Mode)
Flash patched EFT files (Download Mode)
Read PIT (Download Mode)
Read Cert (ADB ROOT)
Restore Original (ADB ROOT)
Set SIM Count (ADB Root)
Write Cert (ADB Root)
Write IMEI (ADB Root)
Backup EFS (ADB Root)
Backup Security (ADB Root)
Downgrade modem [Write combo modem] (ADB Root)
Flash ENG EFS [Fix EFS errors] (Download Model)
Reset EFS (ADB Root)
Reset Security (ADB Root)
Restore EFS (ADB Root)
Restore Security (ADB Root)
ROM Editor
Fix dm-Verity (ADB-Rooted EFT Recovery)
Fix S-Health (ADB Root)
Install Google apps (ADB Root)
Remove Security Log Notification (ADB Root)
Remove Security Log Notification (ADB)
Remove Warning logo at boot(Download mode)
Translate Device (ADB Root)
Translate Device (ADB)
Bypass Protections
Bypass DRK –DM-Verity 2 error 2 –FRP OEM ON (Download Mode)
Reset [ScreenLock – FRP -MDM -Call Me -Samsung Account –FRP OEM ON (Download Mode)
Reset ScreenLock –FRP OEM ON (Download Mode)
Reset ScreenLock –FRP OEM OFF (Download Mode)
Reset FRP (ADB)
Reset FRP (Download Mode)
Reset FRP for old versions (Download Mode)
Reset FRP UFS (Bootloader -UART)
Flash APP Firmware (Fastboot)
Flash APP Firmware (Upgrade Mode – Fastboot)
Flash Board From XML (Fastboot)
Reset FRP [Test Point] (USB COM 1.0)
Reset FRP using server (Fastboot)
UnBrick Device (USB COM 1.0)
UnBrick Device (EDL)
Temporary Unlock Bootloader (USB COM 1.0)
Fastboot APP Firmware (Fastboot)
Read Info (Fastboot)
Temporary unlock bootloader (Fastboot)
Screen Lock
Decrypt Screen Lock (ADB)
Reset Screen Lock
Read info (Boot Mode)
Reset FRP (Boot Mode)
Flash firmware (Boot Mode)
Read Scatter Firmware (Boot Mode)
Factory Reset (Boot Mode)
Format specified partition (Boot Mode)
Reset Screen Lock (Boot Mode)

Direct UnlockSamsung Exynos
Direct Unlock Samsung SPD
Direct Unlock Samsung Qualcomm
Spreadrum IMEI + Network Repair
Qualcomm repair IMEI & NV
Remove FRP All Samsung (new & old security)

Read, Write Factory Flasher
FRP Remove
IMEI Repair
Unlock SIM
Read SIM code
Remove pattern and lock
Read pattern
Read Pre-loader

Repair IMEI

Flashing XML
Flasher many phone models
Reset FRP (latest security)
Reset FRP (EDL Mode, FastBoot Mode, ADB mode)
Enable all languages
IMEI Repair (Meta Mode, ADB Mode, ATE Mode)
Read Factory Firmware (ADB Mode)
Install / Uninstall Google Services
and much more…
Root supported on USA devices
Devices with new security

EFT Dongle – Supported Brands & CPUs*:

How to Activate:
Download the EFT Pro Tool software (Click Here)
Launch the software. Choose the ‘Account’ option and press ‘Register’ to register your account

EFT Tutorial Video Link (Click Here)

Easy Firmware Download (For Registered Members)

Drivers Firmwares Download


Note: If a file asked for a password please use EF File Extractor and extract.EF extension
Notice before using EF extractor
1- You MUST stop Antivirus or Windows defender before installing EF Extractor and Add EF extractor folder to exclusions before restarting Antivirus or Windows defender.
2- Make sure to use latest version of EF file extractor
3- If a file asked for password and it has rar extension then please change it to EF extension and try again ( you need to turn on show file extensions in Windows )
4- If you download a combination rom or file with long name then always shorten the name of file or folder before extract with EF extractor and also before flash with Odin or any tool.
5- To solve md5 error Binary is invalid on Odin error / Just Shorten Folders and Files names OR move last extracted file to first folder or desktop !
6- If the firmware name has any special characters like (#$%&) or spaces then please rename to one-word name and extract.
7- In new Huawei flash files if you face failure in extract please remove the Brackets () from the flash file name and move last extracted file to the desktop

How to use idm to download EF files , and extract EF files with EF extractor .


Step1 : To extract.EF Without Password open EF File Extractor – click Extract File choose.EF file and will extract




























After download any file from Easy Firmware With .EF extension


Step2 : Right click and choose Extract With EF File or open EF File Extractor and click Extract File














After done extract file will show file in a new folder with same name File


Purchase of this virtual product is generally processed within 2/8 hours after we received your payment in full.




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