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Connecting the microscope to the microscope camera
Optical lens with Focal length adjustable
Camera Mount Diameter: 25,3mm 
Microscope Mount Diameter: 38mm

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Trinocular microscope CTV Sync adapter

Relife M-28- (0.35x)

Connecting the microscope to the microscope camera

Optical lens with Focal length adjustable

It is suitable for connecting the trinocular stereo microscope to the microscope camera, and it is a parfocal adjustable interface that is synchronized with the eyepiece.

High transmittance

High refractive index

Clear imaging

Optical lenses

Optical Coated Lenses

Using high-quality colourless optical glass, with stable optical properties and high optical uniformity, no halo during use, clear imaging

Observation specimens are clear and bright with high saturation

Please note:

This is a 0.35x C-mount Digital Camera Adapter for New Type Microscopes,

Including some SM series stereo microscopes and newer T490 series microscopes.

This adapter allows cameras with large image sensors (1 “class) to be used without vignetting.

Focus Lens: 0.35X

Compatibility: New Type of Stereo Microscope,  SM745T, T490, Relife RL-M Microscope

Camera Mount Diameter: 25mm

Microscope Mount Diameter: 38mm

Please Note:
Support new type trinocular tube (AM-Scope, and all microscopes using this new type of adapter)

It is can not be installed on Old Type Trinocular Microscope

Please check that your microscope has a new or old type of camera adapter before placing your order, if your trinocular tube is the old type, please don’t buy it

The installation is simple, directly put the CTV adapter installation knob to the microscope trinocular interface, then align the microscope camera at the thread above the CTV adapter, and tighten it.







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