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Soft film UV light curing
99% high light transmittance material,
UV tempered, super wear-resistant,
Principle of Micro Blinds, Front HD, Side Privacy.
Really explosion-proof and durable
UV Microcrystal Hardening Process,

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SS-057UHS  UV HD Anti-Peeping Fiber Glass Protective Film (Optically clear)

New horizons for technological privacy protection, High definition and high transparency

99% high light transmittance material, so that the color of the screen is not affected by the film quality, does not cause color cast or discoloration, and restores the original color

The screen goes black when peeping, UV tempered, super wear-resistant,

Suitable for mobile phone front/back film, watches, cameras, etc.

Sensitive to touch, Privacy protection, Full screen coverage,

High definition and high transparency,

Principle of micro blinds, Front HD, side privacy.

In the era of big screens, it is safer to protect privacy; The sides are really anti-peep, and the screen is as black as ink.

UV reinforcement: Intelligent UV light curing

With the intelligent vacuum UV laminating machine, super strong band irradiation, vacuuming first and then solidifying with light, the whole screen can fit the curved surface, making the laminating easier and not easy to fall off.

Soft film UV light curing, Really explosion-proof and durable

UV tempered, super wear-resistant

UV microcrystal hardening process, the hardness after light curing is as high as 6H, effectively preventing scratches from sharp objects, making the surface sharper and preventing daily scratches

Product information:

Oleophobic and waterproof, strong anti-fingerprint

The oleophobic and waterproof coating on the surface can remove surface stains with just a wipe.

Full screen coverage Full screen protection

The heat-bent surface surrounds the package, truly covering it to the edges without warping or getting dust.


Instructions for use:

Adjust the brightness of the phone to the brightest, and then enter an interface with more white areas;

Cover the entire SS-057UHS privacy film. There is an angle ruler in the lower left corner of the privacy film. Overlap the angle ruler on the edge of the screen display;

Start adjusting from the smallest angle, and observe whether there are diagonal stripes on the screen, etc., and find an angle where you can see the display clearly. For this mobile phone, it is clearer to adjust it to 6°;

Put the film into the film cutting machine in the direction of the arrow, select the mobile phone model and select the privacy drawing;

Adjust the angle of the drawing, enter 6° of the phone angle, and send for cutting;

Wait for the cutting to be completed and paste;

After pasting, peel off the protective layer and deal with edge bubbles;

Just cooperate with the intelligent vacuum UV laminating machine for surface curing treatment.





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