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Maant H4 multifunctional detached screen pressure retaining fixture
Remove the back cover, remove the battery , maintain pressure, air thing test in one
Model: Maant H4
Holding firm
High temperature resistance
Silicone frame does not damage the machine
Sponge pads do not damage the screen
Optional Air-tight tester

In stock

Maant H4 multifunctional detached screen pressure retaining fixture


  • Maant H4 multifunctional detached-screen pressure retaining fixture, safe pressure protection/efficient removal of rear cover glass/side hanging screen/convenient maintenance/screen fixation
  • Remove back cover/remove battery/maintain pressure/airtight test, 4 in 1, suitable for most face screen/curved screen mobile phone models on the market
  • Pressure stable, upper and lower cushion protection design, safe and explosion-proof, explosion-proof fast, suitable for 7 inches below the mobile phone in all aspects of pressure protection
  • 85~122mm extension range, suitable for all mobile phone clamping, pressure maintenance, etc. under 7 inches on the
  • Efficient removal of the rear cover glass, suitable for mobile phones with back cover glass, easy and quick removal of the back cover
  • It can fix the screen, detect the maintenance of the motherboard, and make the mobile phone bracket, which is convenient and fast to remove the battery and repair
  • The airtight detector is available for selection, with a multifunctional split screen, pressure retaining fixture is used
  • Camera groove design to prevent damage to the camera when removing the screen
  • Front and rear protection cushion, front and rear soft fixed, protect the mobile phone, soft fixed, do not hurt the frame paint, do not hurt the keys
  • Upper and lower protection design, sponge cushion anti-slip protection cushion, prevent, the phone fell and scratched
  • Clamping firm, suitable for 98% of mobile phone models, can be adjusted at will

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Maant H4

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